Teresa Whitaker

Urban, Contemporary Romance

It’s Time for Love!

Neighbor Needed

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My New Book

Neighbor Needed

Tasha Clarkson is an accomplished young African American woman who is embarking on a new chapter of her life. Tasha is ready to embrace her independence and finally be able to do things her way. Unfortunately, work consumes much of her energy and most of her time. There must be something more to life than work for Tasha. Where can she find the fuel to lift her up to the next level of her life’s journey?

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Neighbor Needed is Available on Audible 10/19/21

As of yesterday Neighbor Needed is available on Audible. If you like listening to audiobooks, like me, check my book out. Click the blue link below to purchase it on Audible:

About the Author

Teresa Whitaker is a retired New York City Public School teacher, an app developer, a blogger, and a podcast host. Neighbor Needed is her first novella. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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